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2016’s first total eclipse will take place on 8th-9th March 2016. In India, it will be visible on 9th March 2016. Let us learn the important dos and don’ts for all during Surya Grahan or solar eclipse.

Surya Grahan or the duration before and after the grahan is considered very inauspicious and taken very seriously by people, especially in the Indian subcontinent. This is known as Sutak Kaal and it is taken into consideration. The time starting at 12 hours before the Solar eclipse begins, the

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Even the gods had their favourite days! Mahashivaratri is one of the best examples to prove it. Lord Shiva is associated with the welfare of the creation, performing the rituals of Maha Shivaratri redeems one from the vices of lust, greed, anger and leads him to a life of happiness, peace and prosperity. As per Shiva purana, six items are extremely essential to be incorporated in the worship of Maha Shivratri. This tradition has been followed till today and no worship of Lord shiva is

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"Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone"

1. We fight with our nearest and dearest ones because we feel it is our right. Well, it doesn’t really matter how much or how many times we fight; what matters is do we provide emotional security in the face of threats? 

2. If you are witty and poised then your size does not matter at all. A weak might get frightened for a moment but he can win over the strongest with his intelligence and great wits. 

3. Confidence matters. Eleanor Roosevelt has said it best, “Nobody can make you feel inferior

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1. Legal manager: 7-10 years exp with renowned real estate developer house , Qualification- LLB.

    No of vacancies: 2

Job Responsibilities

The job incumbent will be required to carry out the following responsibilities

1) Conduct property search in various departments

2) Drafting of sale agreements

3) Registry at various courts and formalities

4) Drafting of JV and POA s

5) Drafting purchase of land agreements

6) Take care of any legal matters that comes to company

Location :

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